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Heavy-Duty Car Wash Concentrate | 55 Gallons | Drum | Only for Pickup In Store

Give your cars a deep clean with this Heavy-Duty Car Wash Concentrate! This 55-gallon drum contains a powerful formula that will gently and effectively remove dirt, dust, and deposits from your car's surface, leaving it sparkling clean. Make your car shine like new and enjoy a streak-free finish with this concentrated cleaning solution!


  • Use in a not hot car, preferably in the shade.
  • Rinse the car with cold water to remove any impurities.
  • Always test in a discreet area before using.
  • Apply 1 Oz MA5X®  Heavy Duty Car Wash Concentrate and mix with water.
  • Apply evenly with a sponge or soft cloth, starting from the top to the bottom of the vehicle.
  • Rinse each section of the car, to prevent the soap from drying out in your vehicle
  • Then dry it immediately with a soft dry cloth or chamois.

Water, Prestilone, fungozor, Sodium, Colorant.

Product Documentation: View The Safety Data Sheet

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