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Boat Soap Wash and Wax | Biodegradable and Concentrated Formula | Heavy Duty and Fast Acting Boat Cleaner | 32oz Bottle | Pack of 2

Introducing the MA5X® EcoMarine Boat Soap Wash and Wax, Concentrated Formula, a premium cleaning solution designed to keep your boat pristine while providing a protective wax finish. This highly concentrated, heavy-duty cleaner quickly emulsifies dirt, oils, and greases, making it perfect for any marine environment. Our advanced formula is eco-friendly, biodegradable, and safe for all marine surfaces, ensuring your boat stays clean, shiny, and protected against the elements.

Manufactured from biodegradable materials combined in a special surfactant blend, Boat Soap Wash and Wax can be used to clean both the interior and exterior surfaces of your boat that are not damaged by water. It is recommended for use in the marine industry, including washing trailers and trucks. Experience unparalleled care for your vessel with MA5X EcoMarine's comprehensive line of marine cleaning solutions.

Pack of 2 - 32oz Bottle (64oz total)


MA5X EcoMarine Boat Soap Wash and Wax is the ultimate cleaning solution for boat owners who want an efficient, eco-friendly way to clean and protect their vessels. Dilute up to 60 times with water for general cleaning, or 20 times for tough stains, and enjoy a spotless, shiny finish.


Product Documentation: View The Safety Data Sheet



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