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Barnacle Off | Remover and Cleaner for Boats | Biodegradable and Concentrated Formula | 32oz Bottle | Pack of 1

Developed by industry experts, MA5X ECO MARINE Barnacle Off is a highly effective solution designed specifically for removing stubborn marine deposits. Its concentrated formula, consisting of both organic and inorganic ingredients, neutralizes high pH surfaces, eliminates rust and salt stains, and effectively removes barnacles, sea lime, and other organic sediments. Ideal for water cooling systems that utilize seawater, each 32 oz bottle ensures a powerful and versatile solution.

Dilute Barnacle Off with 1 part product to 4 parts water for heavy rust or salt deposits, barnacle, and sea lime removal. For lighter tasks, dilute with up to 10 parts water.
Apply the product using a spray bottle or brush, allow it to act for ten minutes, then remove with a jet of water or a damp cloth. For engine or radiator applications, start with
a high dilution to recirculate the product effectivel

Product Documentation: View The Safety Data Sheet


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