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Odor Re-fresh | Odor Eliminator for Boats | Environment Friendly | Concentrate | 32oz Spray Bottle | Pack of 2

Banish unwanted odors with MA5X® ECO MARINE Odor Re-Fresh Spray | 32 oz spray bottle. This concentrated formula effectively neutralizes and eliminates smoke and other unpleasant smells by targeting and encapsulating strong aromatics and inorganic molecules. Experience the power of this specialized odor neutralizer and air freshener.

Apply Odor Re-Fresh undiluted by spraying a fine mist over the entire surface exposed to smoke or undesired odors. For optimal coverage, fog the product, including the intakes of air conditioning units. Odor Re-Fresh acts initially as an air freshener, with its real action beginning after a short period when it traps and neutralizes unwanted odor molecules.

Product Documentation: View The Safety Data Sheet


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