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Boat Hull Cleaner | Stain and Rust Remover & Prevention | Biodegradable and Concentrated | Gallon | Pack of 1

Efficiently remove sea lines and marks from your boat's surface with MA5X® Cleaning ECO MARINE Hull Cleaner. Its specialized formula targets shells and marine organisms, restoring surfaces to their original state. In addition to its effective cleaning power, this solution balances high pH levels, preventing rust and alkaline salt staining. Experience quick results with this biodegradable solution, safe for both your boat and the environment.

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Use undiluted for heavy-duty cleaning tasks, or dilute with water for lighter jobs. Apply with a spray bottle or brush, allowing it to penetrate for ten minutes before rinsing with a jet of water or wiping with a damp cloth. For optimal results, follow up with our range of marine
maintenance products.

Product Documentation: View The Safety Data Sheet

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