Heavy Duty Degreaser Industrial

Heavy duty degreaser. Eliminates grease, oil, adhesives and others.

Heavy duty degreaser. Eliminates grease, oil, adhesives and others.

Excellent combination of degreasing agents, detergents, emulsifiers and cleaners, designed to remove grease and heavy dirt in the commercial industry.

Water-based product.

Ideal for cleaning surfaces that have been sprinkled with grease and / or in which asphalt products have been spilled, since it acts in a very effective way.

It can be applied on any type of porous and non-porous surface without damaging it and produces foam to facilitate the cleaning process.

Specification: Heavy Duty Degreaser Industrial


1 gallon
5 gallons
55 gallons

fl. Oz






Product Documentation

Details of Use

It is recommended to use gloves and safety glasses.

Where to use

Industry commercial in general, food manufacturing, kitchen, counters, warehouses. On surfaces before painting or welding. Safe for the use of cleaning elements such as floor scrubbers, immersion tanks, carpet extractors, parts washers and pressure washers.

How to use

  • Always test in a discrete area before using.
  • Disperse MAS Heavy Duty Degreaser evenly with a strong bristle brush or sponge.
  • Wait 2-6 minutes.
  • Brush again and then rinse.


  • Water, Soda Caustica, Metasilicato of Sodium Pentahydrate, Emulsifying Solvent, Prestoline, Ethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether, Colorant.
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